5 Places to Visit Before the End of the World

People! We have actually all heard stories of how the world is quickly going to die and become a cloud of nothingness. You might have heard a spiritual fanatic go on about an Armageddon or some ecological lover might have informed you that worldwide warming is going to drown all of us. We have no idea if or when this will happen. So take advantage of today and travel to the following locations. And the best thing is that you can now save money on travel too. So without more ado, here is a list of locations that you need to go to before completion of the world:

1. The Petra, Jordan:

A part of the world’s 7 marvels, the lost city of Petra is a place that is a treasure of a civilization that has actually passed away out from our world. This dynamic city has actually been built at a loss and white sandstone cliffs found in Jordan. The city is filled with tunnels and underground passages that will make you seem like you have actually just taken a trip back in time.

2. Florence, Italy:

The city of Florence supplies you with an incredible insight into the history of Italy. A great way to get here is by booking a car from a Geneva luxury car hire agency and driving all the way to Florence. The city is filled with dining establishments that serve succulent, conventional Italian food. Aside from that you can also find structures such as the Duomo, the Piazzale Michelangelo and the Piazza della Signoria which will make you fall for their architecture.

3. Cairo, Egypt:

Egypt is well-known all around the world for its abundant historic and cultural background. And Cairo is essentially the center of all the secret surrounding all the Egyptian history. Go to the museum or go on an exploration to the pyramids and have a life altering experience. You never ever know what experience may be waiting on you there.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru:

The Machu Picchu castle which lies 8000 feet above water level is also among the world’s marvels. The city was integrated in the 15th century but then deserted by its contractors and it has actually stayed undamaged till now. It is known for its complex architecture and the breathtaking views that it offers its visitors.

The Machu Picchu is also considered to be a secret till today because nobody, not even the most discovered historians can really determine what the place was used for. So why not go there and aim to fix the secret? And do not worry you do not even need to invest that much because now you can save money on travel, including hiring luxury cars from places like http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/.

5. Santorini, Greece:

This small lovely city appears like it was just fallen from paradise. The city is filled with cottages, white walls and a view that is bound to take your breath away. The place is also stated to be related to many Greek legends. This integrated with its place on the edge of a mountain cliff makes one think if it really is something from out of this world or not.

People are stating that the world will end. And do you think you’ve seen enough of it yet? If not, then get up from the sofa and start loading your bags.