Business and Corporate

As today’s business travel landscape develops, business should adjust in order to stay effective. At Festival La Perla, our job is to assist you through this busy environment, guaranteeing your travel program is running efficiently and effectively while your tourists get the best in client service and security. We deal with you to browse obstacles, set objectives for enhancement, and carry out options for constant, long-lasting success.

The core of any fantastic service is individuals offering it. Being 100% employee-owned means our staff members have a beneficial interest in the success of our company and its consumers. This enables each of our staff members to have a voice within the company, along with personal empowerment to offer the supreme customer care.

Worldwide Solutions

Festival La Perla comprehends that global tourists need exceptional service and security, whether they are based in Boston or Budapest. Corporations need to have a clear photo of their international travel program at all levels to guarantee its success. That’s why we have actually developed a detailed suite of worldwide travel services created to offer our customers with the information they need and the high level of service their tourists need.

Option Fly Member Festival La Perla

As an establishing member and the biggest U.S. investor of Option Fly, Festival La Perla has the special capability to provide account management, provider relationships, information management procedures and local service through a tactical network of the world’s prominent business travel bureau. Through Option Fly, we are placed to bring worldwide travel services to corporations through local market understanding and worldwide purchasing power.

Our tactical collaboration with Radius immediately links us to an around the world network of specialist travel bureau and supplies our customers with on-the-ground details anywhere they may take a trip worldwide.

Like us, each of those firms satisfies the high operating, financial and service requirements needed for Option Fly subscription. They know their markets the way we understand our market, so your tourists and workplaces have local resources to rely on– people who understand the language, culture, and all that is distinct about their market. Who would be much better to suggest the best accommodations or transport in Buenos Aires than a firm run by people who live and work there?

Worldwide information consolidation and aggregation are amongst the essential differentiators of our Option Fly international option, and Festival La Perla’s reporting systems provide the best in combined international reporting. Festival La Perla and Option Fly drive the application of your particular requirements throughout all your markets, gathering precise and complete information from every firm. We then combine that information for prompt and thorough reporting.

Advanced Technology

Festival La Perla’s innovative technological options set us apart from our rivals. The huge bulk of our technology items have actually been established internal, based upon the particular needs and requirements of our customers.

Worldwide business continues to broaden quickly and new technology continues to make our world smaller sized. Festival La Perla combines all the essential tools into a cohesive design in order to help your company and its tourists effectively browse this new international economy. So if you want all the advantages of a combined program together with local service and assistance in markets throughout the world, we can help you. Festival La Perla takes you worldwide with Option Fly.